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In this blog,  I have written extensively on the subject of energy.  I am going to consolidate   in this post all  my knowledge and training on energy  and how I have applied them to  perform energy healing.

Energy Scanning

Mental Scanning is first carried out to determine the person’s overall energy status.  The diagnosis comprises determining the person’s energy level – whether weak or strong, or refined or raw.  This is followed by locating areas of blockage which are characterized by denseness or painful sensations in those problematic locations.  My diagnostic scanning is in activating my  Third Eye,  and to a lesser degree my skin sub-chakra to feel rather than auric viewing.

Energy Cleansing

After the scanning is done, I would apply the etheric pyramid over the person’s energy body – spinning it anti-clockwise. (Ref 1)  I actually cleanse the energy field beginning from the Etheric Field connected to the Base Chakra.  I am able to do this by visually compressing the interlacing subtle energy fields until I feel the Base Chakra resonating, continue to spin the Pyramid holding my attention there until I feel the ascension to the next chakra – the Sacral.  And,  there is no mistaken assumption that I could feel the switching of the chakras.    The rigmarole is repeated for the Emotional Energy Field that is linked to the Sacral Chakra, and following the ascension to the next upper chakra until I reach the Ketheric Energy Field connecting to the Crown Chakra. (Ref 2).

I also balance all the chakra by willing them to be of the same size, using the width of the shoulders as a guide. Again,  I am positive that I could feel the other person’s chakras and their locations before acting to adjust their sizes.

This is followed by a general sweeping using my etheric fingers on the front and back of the person’s etheric body.  I normally project whitish green radiation from my etheric fingers to do the downward combing action. (Ref 3)

Sometimes, when there is a need,  I would apply localized cleansing using the combing methods,  for example on the kidney regions,  and this is followed by the projecting of energy (normally its whitish green) from my right etheric palm to strengthen the problematic areas.

Energy Empowerment

The final step would be to draw the whitish-blue energy from atop down to the person’s energy body, visualizing the column of whitish blue light descending on the crown and moving downward until it reaches the foot. (Ref 4).  Again, while drawing the divine column of light, I mentally will it to permeate the different energy fields top down – from the Ketheric linked to Crown Chakra down to the Etheric connected to the Base Chakra. The method is similar to the spinning of the Etheric Pyramid for overall cleansing.  A lot of people are skeptical over my ability to channel energy,  mistakenly believing only highly acclaimed spiritual masters,  for whom they are prepared to part with a fortune,  are privileged to exercise it.

Use of Mantra

Depending on the religious affiliation of my clients, especially for those who comfortable with mantras, I invoke the Buddhist mantras especially the Medicine Buddha and Quan Yin Six Syllabus mantras to empower the healing light columns.  Sometimes, I would find out the Chinese zodiac of the customers and apply the mantra specific to their guiding Buddha or Bodhisattvas.   I also use some basic Hindu mantras for those who are Hindus such as Mother Lakshmi, or Lord Ganesha.  For those who are Christians or Muslims,  I just work on their energy dimensions without resorting to using any mantras.

Use of Stones And Crystals

I do use crystals and natural stones to enhance the healing processes.  Examples  –  I use tektite or moldavite,  or laser quartz,  holding them on my left receiving hand to strengthen my ability to visualize and invoke the cleansing pyramids and the column of healing lights.  At times I also use Chrysophrase or Moss Agate to help apply the cleansing processes.

Ending The Energy Healing Session

After performing the energy healing,  I would divert my attention from the person by imagining a giant golden scissor cutting off the etheric cord that links me with the person’s energy body.  I also use the etheric pyramid on myself to cleanse away whatever residual negative energy that I might have attracted during the healing session.

Remote Healing

I am able to perform remote Energy Healing on those persons whose images I am familiar with, or basing on recent photographs of the individuals.  (Ref 5) On some occasions, I have tried out surrogate healing where I tap into the mind of the person who requests for healing on behalf of a third-party. (Ref 4)


A word of caution:  My healing method generally applies cleansing and re-charging of the overall energy configurations of my clients,  and strengthen their overall chances of recovery from whatever illnesses that are affecting them.  I have tried successfully in improving someone undergoing chemo treatment for stomach cancer,  by maintaining her overall energy health during the period when she was undergoing treatment,  and thereby expediting her overall recovery and leading to her eventual remission.  I also advise that the healing modality I apply is not a panacea for all sicknesses and proper medical treatment must be sought and continued.  The energy healing is at best complementary in nature.

By Anthony Leong







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