A Relook at my Energy Practice.

Spirital eye awakening
I am going to provide a refresh perspective on what I have been practicing. Loosely defined as psychic energy for want of a better word, it has been my life long odyssey to explore and understand the non-physical realms, and painstakingly learn how to gain energy awareness and manage them for multiple uses – such as reading, healing and protection.  At my level,  I feel that I have yet to attain spiritual awakening in the true sense of the word.
I have also resigned to fate that many people do not subscribe to what I have been advocating. I personally believe that every one or us can acquire the same awareness of the energy realm and the necessary skill sets to practice it.
Most people would turn to their Gods, spiritual entities or even spirits to bestow them with all their bidding. They flock to some highly acclaimed spiritual masters who could supposedly connect with their Gods, spiritual entities and spirits to help them answer their prayers and provide them the blessings. The ordinary people would never believe that one day they can train themselves to be their own masters.
I look at the example of Buddha. He was never a God. He started off searching for the meaning of life, trying to understand the relation between the material world and the omnipotent universe. And, through years of meditation and self-reflection, he became “Aware” and acquiring the “All Knowing”. And, he knew that he could not expect everyone to be like him, able to abstain from the mundane requirement of going through life, enduring self-denials and meditating arduously over prolong period to gain the insightful all awareness. So, he came out to encapsulate his teaching with volumes and volumes of Dharma. It was his wish to provide a comprehensive guide to his followers to learn and practice how to live a life with a view of eventual enlightenment.
Coming to the crux of my practice, I improve myself honing my understanding and skill sets on psychic energy going through gradual progresses. It has been many hours of meditation and active thinking. At my current standing, I am still an toddling adept, with far more levels to scale before I can be considered as Grand Master. I just wish I could be more hardworking to expedite my process of attaining the ultimate – that all awareness and all knowing. There again, it could take many incarnations for me to attain that level.
So, in the meantime, what I have learned and practiced so far is
(1) My basic awareness of the existence of energy beyond my physical statue,
(2) My ability to decode the energy, their various intensity and their positive and negative components.
(3) My gradual increase in my overall understanding of the energy realms and the universe,
(4) Performing some metaphysical feats at entry level such as energy reading, remote scanning, healing, cleansing and protection against negative entities.
(5) And, finally my heightened sensitivity at sensing the multiple energy dimensions, and using them for higher level scanning, healing and protection purpose.
And, my final words : To me Enlightenment is the ultimate where you become One with the Source – the Universe. In that grand finale I would understand that the there is no space and time continuum, that whichever world we have gone through is illusionary. It is just like I have been trying to practice to experience the various energy dimensions, layer by layer of the Energy Sub-Bodies respectively linked to  Base to the Crown Chakra. And, to go beyond by touching base with the Earth Chakra, and the out-of-body Soul Chakra with their energy dimensions. My unfulfilled aim is to reach the Stellar Gate and beyond…
Anthony Leong

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