A Lucid Dream about Hellscape


I have grown used to lucid dreaming and seem to obtain invaluable life lessons from it.

One night,  in my dream my wife and I were standing atop a very steep cliff.  Eager-beaver to demonstrate to her my new-found psychic ability to levitate and float in the air, I held her hands and jumped off the precipitation.

We landed safely at the bottom of the cliff,  and what I saw disturbed me for quite some time after this weird dream.

The land surrounding us was almost barren with suffocating heat and devoid of any vegetation.  There were pockets of sparsely spaced wooden sheds with straw roofing.   Next,  I saw bare bodied wicked looking men wearing only straw skirts below their waist frantically chasing and throwing daggers at each other.  And,  it seems they were constantly re-enacting these agonizing actions into the perpetuity


This nightmarish experience to me was an unconventional representation of “hellscape”,  where people who did wrong in their past lives were condemned to suffer retribution with perpetual pains and agonies.

I have always thought about Hell being a concortion by billions of people over the succesive centuries.  The strength of this collective thought forms,  buttressed by the different schools of  religious doctrines and indoctrination,  has fortified the grand notion of the punishing Hell for  evil people and their evil deeds in the past lives.


By Anthony Leong


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