A Simple Meditation Using The Om Ah Hum Mantra



In a previous article, I wrote about the seed syllable mantra “OM” and its usefulness (https://psychictavern.com/2017/05/10/om-the-mantra/. )   In this article, I am going to introduce a simple mantra comprising Om and two other seed syllable – AH and Hum, which can be used for meditation.

Chakra meditation at the basic level is to use a very powerful mantra OM AH HUM.  I consider this meditation method as the easiest to practice.   I have taught this method to many of my students and most have benefited from the practice.

You begin by silently chanting Om and visualising a ball of white light encircling your entire upper region of your head – covering the area of your crown and third eye chakras. (Like wearing a luminous white half cap).

Next chant Ah and visualise a ball of red light glowing from your throat chakra near you Adam Apple’s region (for women it’s  about  the middle of your throat).

Move downwards, chant Hum and imagine a ball of blue light descending to your heart chakra (the location of the sternum point) and settling there.

For those who have difficulty in chanting Om Ah Hum, you can substitute them with “Own A Home” – retaining the original colour visualization of White, Red and Blue.  You do not need to be a Buddhist in order to practice the mantra, if you are uncomfortable with the religious overtone .

Repeat the Mantra meditation as many times as you like, or if you prefer 108 times per session.  After some time you will begin to feel that you can move energy at ease from the crown to the heart chakra – very useful for practising channelling of divine energy from above and allow it to pass through your crown, your third eye to your heart and emitting it through your hands.

The meditation can be practiced anywhere, even when you are travelling in buses and trains.  Instead of vocalising the mantra Om Ah Hum, you can also silently chant it when you are in the company of other people or in public.  Of course, one must guard against excessive practice of the method.   Once a friend of mine who owns a crystal shop in Orchard Road worked on the mantra meditation repeatedly for nearly 10,000 times during a long distant flight so much so he eventually suffered bleeding in his throat.

This meditation opening the chakra top down would be helpful to those who wish to practice Kundalini awakening as it prepares and opens the upper three chakra to facilitate the upward movement of the fiery  pranic force.  It is also useful if you are learning the Chinese Qigong of activating small circulation/ Microcosmic Orbit(小週天).

The frequent chanting of the mantra along with the meditation will help cleanse away the negative energy in your body and uplift the positive vibration around you.  This will in turn help and prepare you to receive the energy of good luck and windfall.

When you suspect that there are negative forces around you, such as ghosts and bad spirits, the chanting of Om Ah Hum will also give you the protection.  Chanting it can also help neutralise the negative forces in your house or office premises.



By Anthony Leong


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