A General Discussion On Healing Stones


Pink Moonstone

Moonstone seems to be the one that have the water retention capability, I favor the pink specie which I am wearing as a ring. A feminine Pink moonstone is especially good for women with problem related to fertility and child-birth.  It has been used to alleviate fibroid cysts and irregular menstruation problem.  Moonstone is said to be helpful in reducing weight.   For those practicing meditation,  the stone helps you to attune to psychic abilities.   It is recommended that you put a few moonstone nuggets in your luggage to protect you when you travel overseas.

Blood Stone

Most green stones help relieve heart related problem; I find blood stone (blood jasper not to be confused with Hemetite) as my favorable stone because it not only helps soothe the heart but the red jasper specks also brings about blood circulation. It’s a stone I previously used to meditate on my base and heart simultaneously, and I literally sat on a cabochon as I meditated.  Rose quartz being a soothing stone for the heart will help too, especially so if one wishes to have harmonious relationship with her family members or her colleagues at her work place.  It is a wealth attracting stone,  good to have one in your cash register’s drawer.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is my favorite stone I recommend for throat related problem, and it is also useful for gently removing suffocating feelings in the chest and assists in healing asthma and emphysema. Other stones that I have experimented for helping to heal lung related problem include amber (I gave on to my mother suffering from Asthma), genuine red coral (some coral specie are artificially enhanced with red colour) or jade (white, yellow or green). They should be worn as pendant or necklace nearer to the chest.


Sugilite seems to be the all-rounder stone for cancer related illnesses; I have often recommended it to people suffering from cancer, especially those undergoing chemo treatment. The purple colour of the stone raise the vibration of the patient, and keep at bay the growth of the cancerous cell while the manganese inclusion provides the grounding so that their feeder system (the foot, ankle, knee and hip sub-chakras) can function properly to receive the nourishing ground energy into the body through these centers.   The stone  is  both soothing and relaxing,  making it a good meditation aid.


Chrysoprase (greenish white),  and also known as Australian jade),  is  said to contain golden flecks and is an excellent all-rounder stone for healing.   The stone can be worn as a pendant closer to the heart chakra and it is also by itself a good healing stone for the heart and lung. (heart chakra and thymus sub-chakra)”


By Anthony Leong

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