Psychic Energy Explained.


  1. Around 3000 years ago, two great ancient civilizations – Indian and Chinese, developed their separate understanding of human energy. The Hindu explored the chakra system and its connection with Prana, while the Chinese discovered the existence of Qi and its relation to the body’s meridian systems and acupuncture points.  Both cultures, separated by the formidable Himalaya mountain range, without the benefit of modern technological instrumentation had unmistakably extrapolated on the existence of the non-material form of human energy beyond the physical body, way before Einstein was born.
  2. In modern days’ science, we try to explain that our body produces electricity and correspondingly there are electromagnetic fields (EMF) surrounding our physical structure. With the help of the Kirlian Machines, we could map our chakra and auric fields and reproduce them on photographs.
  3. If we subscribe to the human chakra systems, we are aware that we have seven main chakras from bottom to top – Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye (Brow), and Crown. Each of these chakra functions like dynamo energy funnels located on our body and when they churn clockwise or anti-clockwise, they produce electrical charges with their accompanying EMF bodies.   The EMF bodies so produced have different levels of vibration and they interlace with one another. There are 7 energy fields – the Etheric Field connected to the Base Chakra, the Emotional Field with the Sacral, Mental with the Solar Plexus, the Astral with the Heart, the Etheric Template with the Throat, the Celestial with the Brow, and lastly the Causal of Ketheric with the Crown.
  4. Our thoughts are considered as one type of energy with its own characteristic vibration frequency (less than 50 cycles per second). It is said to link to our solar plexus chakra and its energy field.
  5. At the entry-level practice of awareness of energy, we use our mind to detect the energy flow in our physical body. So, we learn to feel the existence of energy besides sensing our physical self, or temperate of warm and cold.  It is just like having the feeling of water when you submerge yourself in a pool. You are given to understand that you are enveloped by a sea of energy all around you. You can practice with natural quartz to help accentuate your sensing of vibrations.
  6. Next, you learn to acquire the skill in directing the flow of energy in your body. The Chinese Qigong practice explains that our thoughts command the flow of Qi, energy. When you think of energy going into your palm, you feel a tingling sensation there. You may become more adventurous in thinking about directing the motion of energy up and down and the front and back of your body. In the course of doing so, you are helping to clear some of the energy blockages in your body
  7. The ability to move the energy from front to back of your body is a formal system of Qigong training connecting the Microcosmic Orbit by opening up the acupuncture points from front Governor to back Conceptual Vessels along the spine.
  8. Up another level, you discover that you can not only use your hands to feel your own energy but also other people’s body energy. My understanding at this point in time is that we are tapping on our three lower energy fields – etheric, emotional, and mental – to feel the energy. And, beyond feeling, we can deliberately project this energy, using our thoughts in reinforcing the strength or “amplitude”, outward from our palms. And, do remember that we are not creating a foreign energy source out of nowhere. We are still drawing from our own energy fields which are so malleable and readily influenced and commanded by our supreme thoughts. So, this forms the basis of energy healing task, which some denominations enthusiastically called “lay of the hands” or Reiki or Pranic Healing.
  9. In the practice of traditional Qigong healing, the practitioner deploys the energy from the Dan Tian acupuncture point, which I feel is the same as Sacral Chakra (Or the Hara Chakra).  So we can draw the logical conclusion that he is working on his emotional energy field linked to his sacral chakra to project the Qi energy.  And, the Qigong master can charge up the strength of his projection of Qi by filling up his Dan Tian acupuncture point through rapid inhaling either by breath or by manipulating his spores to ingress the energy.  There has been some serious research going on in China to explain that the healing energy projected by Qigong exponents contains Far Infrared Ray (FIR).  Far Infrared Rays are invisible waves of warm energy that have the healing ability to penetrate all layers of the human physical body, penetrating into the inner-most regions of the tissues, muscles, and bone.
  10. Yet upgrading to a higher level, we can command our thoughts to create “Thought Forms” that could be applied to perform healing or clearing negative energy. Over the years I have learned to conjure etheric pyramid and etheric healing orbs, imaginary white healing clouds for this purpose.   Again, the basis of the thought-forms so created is to tap on the three lower energy fields which I have described. To be able to perform all these feats, the training of the mind is mandatory – especially in the ability to visualize, to concentrate and to hold attention to a particular thought-form.   And, this is where Meditation takes an important place in our practice.
  11. The ability to transcend space and time with our energy application will be a sequential development as we practice and become advanced in this energy realm. You will learn to do remote diagnosis and healing in the process. I have always contemplated on the topic of connectivity that defies space and time limitations,   how the faraway objects of our thoughts warp towards us instantaneously, even faster than the speed of light. In explaining remote healing, we form images of the targeted person in our mind’s eyes, feel the presence of energy blocks or deficiency and try to analyze what has gone wrong.   We may not be able to detect precisely the type of sickness or the root cause, but we would know that the energy body has experienced a malfunction and need to be repaired. So, we despatch energy to try to heal and in so doing I suspect we detach and deploy part of our lower energy fields in packages across space and time dimension, and perform the healing
  12. It is possible that practice at a higher level, we could draw upon the upper chakra’s associated energy field to manage and manipulate the energy through advanced training. The higher energy fields are characterized by higher vibrational frequency than the lower three energy fields – the etheric, emotional and mental. When the higher energy fields are deployed they are especially effective at encountering lower realm negative energy such as the ectoplasm.
  13. The higher vibration frequency of the upper chakras and their energy fields have the ability to dissolve energy forms with lower vibration frequency through the process similar to sympathetic resonance. Just like the energy of compassion emanating from the heart chakra could soothe the emotion of hatred trapped in the sacral chakra and the emotional energy field.
  14. Besides the 7 chakra and the corresponding energy fields, there are other out of the body alternatives – such as the Soul Star chakra, about 2 feet above our crown chakra, the Stellar Gateway and the ultimate Universe chakras, and below us the Earth Star Chakra.   It is believed that in God’s mode, the highest and most refined energy fields are mustered to deploy energy work and to do manifestation
  15. Personally, my experience with the extra-ordinary chakras ends at the Soul Star Chakra which I could faintly make out as a golden globe about two feet above our head.   I am able to access the chakra and its energy field, which I could fold and compress inward to form a golden armor wall to protect myself. For those who could not access this chakra,   you could use the Throat Chakra and drawback its Etheric Template Field which is cobalt blue in color to form a hardened armor shield
  16. Overall, the success of our energy application lies in our ability to step up the amplitude or strength of the energy projection.   My confidence level in performing successful healing is affected by my inability to adjust at will the strength and amplitude of the energy deployment.   In this respect,   I do believe the some of the advanced practitioners are more successful in their healing exercises by channeling advanced spiritual beings, deities or God.


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