Children Ghostly Encounters

I have been approached by parents on the suspected encounter of their kids with the out-of-the-world entities or spirits. I used to tell them that their children were special, and they would cease having these visitations as they grew older.

I append below  real-life stories  related to those psychic encounters by children : –

(1) A Ghost Playmate –  Some 15 or more years ago, one of the friends of my students who attended my meditation and qigong classes approached me for help in dealing with some haunting at her house.  She told me her five-year-old daughter behaved strangely, always laughing and talking to some unseen beings.   I introduced her to my Master Guru Bernard who went there to do a Puja (Hindu religious ceremony) to cleanse her house of the negative spirits.   The rituals performed worked for a brief period, and she came back to me for help as her daughter continued to encounter the ghostly spirits.  As Bernard was not available, I tried to help her by performing the Etheric Pyramid spinning method to cleanse her house.  I also taught her the appropriate way to pray to her Guan Yin statue and ask for blessings of protection.  The attempt only worked for a while, and about a few months later, the scenario of her daughter’s connection with the playful spirit recurred. I also learned from her that she by herself had enlisted other high Buddhist and Taoist monks and masters for help but their attempts at exorcism were also in vain.  In the end, I told her that nothing could be done because her daughter belonged to the rare breed of children sensitive to out-of-the-world entities and probably with the Third Eye Chakra opened.  I also assured her that the daughter would grow up and become a normal child.  Many years, I chanced upon her and she told me the daughter had grown into a teenager and did not have the recurrence of the ghostly encounter anymore.

(2) Wandering Spirits In the house – Yet, another similar experience involves  a five-year-old granddaughter of one of my relatives.   I was approached by elderly lady for help as she also suspected something was amiss in her  granddaughter’s behavior.  She explained that the little girl out of a sudden developed a phobia in visiting her house, in particular, one of the bedrooms where she used to play in.  On those occasions when nightfall, she was seen running out of the room, crying aloud and beating her chest to indicate she was frightened.  She would then pick up and wear her shoes, insisting on returning to her own house.   Again, I tried to cleanse the house, deployed some powerful meteorite stones at strategic points in the house, sealed the windows and doors with psychic energy application.  And, it seemed the cleansing rigmarole only work for less than a month;  her  granddaughter became afflicted with the unnatural sightings again.  This time around,  I  again sought out my old friend Bernard who had impeccable track records in exorcism.  He obliged and did an elaborate Puja there, with me as his assistant.  During the ritual, he led me to a spot, a wall between the bed where the elderly lady slept and the plywood-sealed opening to an outside ledge where the air conditioner compressor was located.  There, he showed me the spot where the wandering spirit was found, and it seemed earlier  I had overlooked the opening and did not seal it up.   After Bernard had conducted the Puja, it appeared that he succeeded in communicating with the lost soul and convinced it to stop lurking and disturbing the young girl.    Now, she has grown up and has since forgotten about her early childhood harassment from ghosts.

After-note:  Fast forward 6 years,   recently the relative of mine complained through her parents that she was disturbed by an image of a  female apparition on the cabinet next to her bed.  I resolved the haunting by using remote blessing and cleansing,  and since than the ghostly disturbance ceased.  This is one case which seems to debunk my belief that childhood haunting would cease as the child grows up.

(3) Suspected Guardian from Dark Side – A more recent spooky example took place a few years ago when one of my other relatives approached me for help.  It was the same story of haunting –  about a two-year-old boy said to be disturbed by spirits at their house.  He often cried in the middle of the night as if seeing something horrifying.   I applied my normal cleansing rituals, deploying a mix of protective stones, energy cleansing water and conjuring a virtual Pyramid to neutralize the negative energy .   And, it appeared that the culminated effort did not produce much positive results.  My remote sensing told me that it was no ordinary house ghost but a more ominous and powerful entity.     In the end, I consulted my friends Bernard and another fellow practitioner Ken,  and we agreed that the negative spirit supposedly haunting the house and distressing the kid could belong to one of the guardians of the family from the dark side.    And the same guardian could have lingered around in the boy’s family beyond a few generations.  I also advised that the toddler would outgrow the troubled period in his life where he was sensitive to metaphysics disturbance and grow up as a normal healthy boy.  The last time I checked with the parents indicated that there were improvements as their son seemed to have less frequent disturbances from the house spirit.

(5) Using Children To Screen Haunted House –  Some of my elderly lady friends used to bring along their toddler  relatives whenever they go to view houses that they may wish to purchase or rent.  They would change their mind about securing the property once the infant cries uncontrollably the moment they step into the house.  This is the tell tale sign that the property is likely to be haunted.

(4) Possession by Deity – Remember when I was barely six, one day I was sketching the image of Guan Yu (Lord Guan Ti), the God of War who lived in the warring period of the Three Kingdoms in China. I used color pencils to sketch his face red just like how he appeared in a framed portrait on top of an altar where my parents made their daily routine of offering joss sticks. After I finished drawing the picture, I fell on to the ground, my face turned crimson and I suffered high fevers. My mother became panic and summoned help from my God Mother, an elderly lady well versed in religious rituals. I remember I was cured after my God Mother burned some paper talisman, mixed the ashes with plain water and made me drink the concoction. I was warned not to offend the deity, Guan Kung, again.  That was my early life encounter with the metaphysical realm as a child.

I quote from an article with the link indicated below: “As children, we are all more susceptible to the world of magic; we are more in tune with what the mind’s eye can see, so it is quite normal to make an invisible friend. You probably (used to) have conversations and play games with someone that you didn’t realize was a spirit other people couldn’t see. However, when growing up the chemical balance in our brain changes and we lose the direct, pristine contact with the spiritual world.”

I personally believe that all those children who have stories to tell about their metaphysical encounters belong to a generation of Indigo or Crystal children.  Most would grow up to become psychic or what we shall predict as Lightworkers.

By Anthony Leong

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